Our On-Site Nutrition Talks are designed to be entertaining, interactive, and to create a learning mindset. We cover topics relevant to your group, office, or medical practice, and include the topics listed as well as others that you may request.

Nutrition Talks

Get the Facts.

Nutrition talks are a great way to provide your employees with up to date nutrition information in a supportive group environment. Nutrition in Motion’s Registered and Licensed Dietitians are ready to present the most current nutrition and health information to your organization or group. We know it is challenging to sift through the conflicting information out there and include healthy choices into a busy working lifestyle. Our job is to help distinguish fact from fiction and help your employees incorporate realistic changes. Choose from one of our many topics or work with one of our Registered Dietitians to individualize a presentation just for our workplace.

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Our topics include:

Meal Planning / Cooking Demonstration
Virtual Supermarket Tour
General Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Understanding Commercial/Fad Diets
Nutrition for Optimal Performance
Nutrition and Wellness – Preventing Chronic Diseases
Healthy Eating for Parents and Children
Metabolic Testing and Understanding your Metabolic Rate
Making the Most of your Exercise Opportunities at Work
Thyroid / Adrenal Fatigue
Celiac Disease